The CRAFT (POTIONS) Enchantment is a passive modifier to base CRAFT (POTION) DCs, which increases the chance of success or exceptional success and also reduces the time required to craft a given potion. This does not apply at all to non-potionmaking Craft rolls, as the CRAFT Enchantment does. This stacks with other items that reduce original DCs, which can be used to reduce the original DCs of some of the most difficult potions in the game to zero.

Note that Craft rolls by default take 1 minute per 10 DC, to a minimum of half a minute; thus, the Craft (Potions) Enchantment can be stacked to reduce the amount of time taken on a Craft (Potions) roll. DC increases after the fact (such as by using fewer ingredients than the recipe requires) are not affected by this Enchantment.

This Enchantment is used in combination with the IMPROVED EFFECT Enchantment heavily by AKEMI HOMURA in crafting POTION OF MANA for the purposes of restoring MP.


SPECIAL: CRAFT (POTIONS) - reduces original DC of a [CRAFT (POTIONS)] check by 4.