Latest StatusEdit


HP: 180/180

Corruption: 0/1850

Current action: Cleaning classroom

Status condition/s: N/A


She is a cheerful second-year student and an experienced PUELLA MAGI of NISHIGAWA TOWN, which she guards together with HIDE ITOH, KURAMOCHI NISHI, and NATSUME YUKARI. Living with her beloved father, she does her best to keep the people of NISHIGAWA TOWN happy and safe.



  • SUPER KAEDE HAMMER: A giant sledgehammer. Deals 20 - 50 physical damage.



  • [A CAPRICCIO]: The hammer splits into two smaller hammers, which constantly stream fire dealing 140 - 170 fire damage. CHIKANATSU KAEDE gains flight and a speed boost of up to 600%.
  • [CON ABBANDANO]: Creates up to six square barriers (3m x 5m), which explodes on impact. Returns 150% of received physical or fire damage.
  • [STACCATO]: Releases a giant explosion from the hammer upon impact, dealing 40 - 70 fire damage and 50 - 80 physical damage.


CHIKANATSU KAEDE is currently in her second year at NISHIGAWA GIRLS MIDDLE SCHOOL, where she has been enrolled since 2010. Her main focus is on her music, and she has a thriving following on her YouTube channel. She regularly releases covers and original music, performed on her ukulele.

Between 2008 - 2010, CHIKANATSU KAEDE was enrolled in NISHIGAWA GIRLS PRIMARY SCHOOL. Her grades were mediocre, but she showed great talent in the arts and music, and was encouraged to study those. After dabbling in xylophone, guitar, and flute, she finally settled on ukulele. In late 2008, CHIKANATSU KAEDE found out that CHIKANATSU SEN was in danger of being laid off and losing custody of her. As a result, she made a contract. Shortly after, she encountered KURAMOCHI NISHI, and the two of them together founded the NISHIGAWA HAPPY FAIRIES.

Between 2005 - 2008, CHIKANATSU KAEDE was enrolled in MITAKIHARA PRIMARY SCHOOL, living with SHIONOYA HANAE. However, the remarriage of SHIONOYA HANAE caused her to relocate to NISHIGAWA, where she has lived contentedly with CHIKANATSU SEN ever since.