CRAFT Skills are skills used to produce useful items from prerequisites using the Crafting System. There are a wide variety of them, each of which creates a category of item. Crafted items are worth more than their components, though the amount to which this is true varies based on the item in question.

AKEMI HOMURA has gained or encountered the following CRAFT Skills:

  • CRAFT (CHEMICALS): Used to perform chemical engineering, usually requiring a FUME HOOD to avoid being affected by the potentially volatile or poisonous reactions involved.
  • CRAFT (CODING): Used to write software that can be installed on electronic devices.
  • CRAFT (CONSTRUCTION): Used to create wooden items and small buildings. This is likely to be useful for producing large items which otherwise have high MP costs to summon due to their bulk.
  • CRAFT (COOKING): Used to produce FOOD items, which can restore HP and provide sustenance. They are also delicious.
  • CRAFT (FURNITURE): Used to produce furnishings; it was possessed on a previous loop and is not currently known by Homura.
  • CRAFT (POTIONS): Used to brew liquid consumables, such as coffee, alcohol, possibly tea, and magical potions. The latter includes POTION OF MANA, which is a critical part of Homura's current ability to be self-sufficient despite her Puella Magi status and relative lack of ability to hunt.

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