Guidebooks are a type of item that, when used by AKEMI HOMURA, are consumed to give her an associated Skill at the UNSKILLED rating. Guidebooks include anything that tell how to do a thing, in sufficient detail that you could do it with the guidance of the book alone. Textbooks, how-to guides, X For Dummies/ Idiot's Guide to X, manuals, and so on would qualify.

Guidebooks each cost 30 MP to summon.

Once the skill involved is learned, a book no longer registers as a Guidebook to Homura; only guides for skills she doesn't know register.

It may be possible for Homura to produce a Guidebook through a CRAFT (WRITING) skill, which might allow her to relearn a skill in a later loop through the book. The requirements, base DCs, and so on of such a book are unconfirmed.

Whether Guidebooks can exist or be produced for Puella Magi-based Magical Skills is unconfirmed. Attempts to summon such books have all failed; this may mean that those skills can't be learned from books, or it may mean that a book Homura can use doesn't exist within the bounds of her summoning. If the latter, use of the aforementioned CRAFT (WRITING) method might enable summoning a copy of the Guidebook Homura writes for the skill in question.

The following Guidebooks have been seen in-game:

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