Akemi Homura is a 14-year-old Puella Magi. Due to her Wish to save Kaname Madoka, she gained a number of useful powers, including the power to go back in time to the 25th of March 2011, one month and one week before the fateful attack by WALPURGISNACHT on Mitakihara City.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Akemi Homura has the ability to develop and improve an unprecedented variety of skills and abilities, and can learn them by consuming books as well as through experience. She also returns to full health, but not full MP, after eight hours' sleep, and cannot be affected by psychological attacks.

She additionally has the standard Puella Magi abilities of transformation, telepathy, and the ability to summon a signature weapon. Homura's weapon is the [BLANK SCROLL AND MAGIC MARKER], which allow her to summon enchanted items for use, but have not been observed to have any direct offensive abilities.