Latest StatusEdit


HP: 100/100

Corruption: 230/3042

Current action: Talking to MIKI SAYAKA and SHIZUKI HITOMI

Status Condition/s: N/A


A student at MITAKIHARA MIDDLE SCHOOL. Though she’s timid, she lives in hope of being useful to other people. She doesn’t believe there’s anything special about herself, but she’s wrong about that. She is almost impossibly selfless, capable of incredible self-sacrifice for other people.



  • ROSE BOW: A bow of pink wood, with roses blooming from it. It fires arrows that deal 80 - 180 magical damage. Accuracy 15/ Range 200m.



  • [SPLITTING ARROW]: Fires one arrow up. It splits into 50 - 80 arrows, doing 20 - 50 magical damage each in a cone of up to 300m centred on KANAME MADOKA.
  • [FOLLOWING ARRAY]: After three seconds of aiming, +20 to-hit for one attack.
  • [PARALLEL ARRAY]: KANAME MADOKA fires up to 6 arrows at a time.


KANAME MADOKA is a PUELLA MAGI of MITAKIHARA TOWN. She has lived in MITAKIHARA TOWN all her life with her parents, KANAME TOMOHISA and KANAME JUNKO (nee TSUCHIE JUNKO), and gained a younger brother, KANAME TATSUYA, in 2009. In 2011, KANAME MADOKA made a contract with KYUBEY, and began her PUELLA MAGI career.

She has been enrolled in MITAKIHARA MIDDLE SCHOOL since 2010, and has lived a life of service, often registering for clubs and after-school activities that she believes will make people happy. She is a certified first-aider, and as such is always chosen as the class nurse. Her grades are average, but better than those of MIKI SAYAKA. She is known for her kindness and sensitivity, and as such many people misunderstand the nature of her relationship with MIKI SAYAKA.

Between 2005 - 2010, KANAME MADOKA was enrolled in MITAKIHARA PRIMARY SCHOOL, where she lived an unremarkable life.


  • Miki Sayaka (90) (Best Friend)
  • Shizuki Hitomi (90) (Best Friend)
  • Kaname Junko (nee Tsuchie Junko) (90) (Beloved Mother)
  • Kaname Tomohisa (90) (Beloved Father)
  • Kaname Tatsuya (90) (Beloved Brother)
  • Miki Umeka (nee Sakata Umeka) (70) (Friend)
  • Miki Gyukudo (70) (Friend)
  • Shizuki Misato (nee Sasada Misako) (70) (Friend)
  • Shizuki Isoshi (70) (Friend)
  • Saotome Kazuko (30) (Respected Teacher)
  • Kamijou Kyousuke (20) (Indirect Friend)

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