Latest StatusEdit

Note: this status is as of Loop 2. As of Loop 3, Kimura Akira is not a Puella Magi, as it was AKEMI HOMURA's actions which led to her making a wish.


HP 80/100

Corruption 501/800

Current action: Crying

Status condition: None


Kimura Akira is a twelve-year-old student at Mitakihara Primary School, and as such is in her final year of study there. She is the middle child of nine, raised by her single father after their mother died in her youth, during childbirth. Her father works two jobs - as a cook in the day and as a delivery man in the night - and so is only home to sleep and eat before going out again, apart from his off days when he can spend more time with his children.

Their family is not well-off, and often eat simple foods. Akira has learned to escape the problems and limits of her life and her siblings by reading, and loves best to read thriller and detective novels. She is by now a familiar face at the Mitakihara Public Library and at many bookstores, where she hunts for cheap used books to buy and read, and is fast friends with many of the librarians and bookstore storekeepers. As a result, the books she reads are her most trusted teachers, and she believes everything she learns from them - including their moral judgments. She considers herself and her siblings to largely be self-raised.

She’s a prefect at Mitakihara Primary School, and is the terror of many of the other students. Her teachers think she’s a little overzealous in her duties, but she definitely has improved discipline in school. She intends to apply to Mitakihara Middle School, but isn’t sure she’ll be able to get in. She has very few friends in school, which drives her even more into her prefect duties and her books.

She is strong-willed and quick to judgment, and can be difficult to persuade to change her mind once a first impression has been made. She can also sometimes overstep the bounds of her authority or strength, which brings her into trouble - but, as she believes in breaking eggs to get omelettes, this has never stopped her from doing what she believes is necessary for the greater good.

Contact information: Cell phone number 011-XX-74-3756-2533. Address Hse No. 58, Camellia Street, Mitakihara

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