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Latest StatusEdit


HP: 150/150

Corruption: 0/4100

Current action: Hunting

Status condition/s: N/A


KURAMOCHI NISHI is the leader and co-founder of the Nishigawa Happy Fairies, having performed this duty since 2007.



  • BOOM GREEN: Fires a seed from a pistol, which explodes into a full-grown plant on impact and does 30 - 40 physical damage.
  • CALL FOREST: Fires a powerful spray of liquid, which accelerates plant growth.
  • CLOUD WORLD: Fires a thick white mist, which obscures vision and augments plants.



  • [PLANT LIFE]: She can take on characteristics of plants, up to and including fully transforming into one. Costs 10 - 100 MP/ use.
  • [KURAMOCHI STATIO]: Give a plant magical properties as per [ENCHANT (ITEM)]. Costs 10 - 50 MP/ use.


KURAMOCHI NISHI is a PUELLA MAGI, having lived in Nishigawa and performed her duties there since moving there in 2007 after graduation from MITAKIHARA MIDDLE SCHOOL. Prior to this, she was one of the Mitakihara Puellae, having contracted in 2005.

Between 2002 - 2007, KURAMOCHI NISHI was enrolled in Mitakihara Middle School. She met NATSUME YUKARI there, and they were President and Vice-President of the Gardening Club between 2005 - 2007. After graduation, KURAMOCHI NISHI left Mitakihara and went to Nishigawa with NATSUME YUKARI and NATSUME MASAMI.

Between 1997 - 2002, KURAMOCHI NISHI was enrolled in Mitakihara Primary School.