The MENU is a grouping of various settings that AKEMI HOMURA can alter and use with respect to her magic and special abilities. It currently includes the party system, minimap, and various audiovisual settings, though it is possible to unlock additional features such as by reading "Supercharge Your Memory!".


-Passive: Enables various options to be activated. Only accessible while in Puella Magi form, but the effects of the options linger.

  • DISPLAY: Controls display settings.
    • BRIGHTNESS: controls the brightness of your vision.
    • CONTRAST: controls the contrast of your vision.
    • HUE: controls the hue of your vision.
    • MINIMAP: creates a minimap showing your surroundings and highlighting important characters as well as quest targets.
    • SUBTITLES: displays subtitles.
  • PARTY: Allows you to invite other people to form a group with you.
    • INSTANT MESSAGE: Any member of the group may instantly speak to another member, privately or publicly.
    • INVITE: Invites the person to the party.
    • KICK: Removes people from the party.
    • PING: Broadcasts to the other members the location of yourself or an item of interest.
    • SHARE EXPERIENCE (ON/ OFF): Allows experience gained to be shared out between everybody in the party. Experience is distributed proportionally to level and contribution.
    • SHARE DISPLAY SETTINGS (ON/ OFF): Allows the party leader to control the vision of everybody in the party.
    • SHARE SOUND SETTINGS (ON/ OFF): Allows the party leader to control the hearing of everybody in the party.
  • SOUND: Controls sound settings.
    • VOLUME: controls the volume of your hearing.
    • MUTE: shuts down all noise from your hearing.

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