Mitakihara City is the primary location where PLHM occurs.

It is split into two sections by the river that runs through it. It neighbours Nishigawa City and Kasamino City.

Notable locations

  • Mitakihara Mall
    • Brando's: a restaurant chain that does roast chicken in various degrees of spiciness. Notable for its super-sized soda floats, which come with three different ice-cream flavours.
  • Mitakihara Middle School: Kaname Madoka, Miki Sayaka, and Tomoe Mami are enrolled here. Saotome Kazuko is employed here.
  • Mitakihara Primary School
  • Mitakihara Public Library
  • Overpass
  • Port
  • Shirome Middle School
  • Shopping area
    • Furinkan Ramen!: a ramen restaurant with the philosophy of "Anything Goes!". Notable for its "Everything Goes! Super Russian Ramen Bowl", which is a 1-liter bowl of ramen comes with bean sprouts, onions, chives, green onions, your choice of pork or beef slices and chunks, bacon, hard-boiled eggs, fried egg floss, fried shallots, shiitake mushrooms, dried seaweed, bamboo shoots, kelp, tuna flakes, baby sardines, beef bones, chicken meatballs, pickled plums, fish rolls, fish cakes, cabbage, and chopped garlic, and includes a side board of sushi, soup, and steamed egg pudding.
    • Simon's Sushi Shop: a sushi restaurant owned by Simon, newly arrived to Mitakihara from Russia.
  • The "Dead Shops": a kind of branch of the shopping district that didn't take off at all, and nobody is quite sure why though everybody has their own theories. Shops open there, sporadically, but never turn a profit and always close down again in a few months. It's kind of become one of the places where Mitakihara's delinquents go to hang out, and is not the kind of place nice girls would usually want to go to.
  • Food District: Mami doesn't often patrol this area.
    • Build-Your-Burger: a burger restaurant that customises all its burgers.

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