Quest: Two Hands for Madoka is a Quest acquired by Homura on Loop 3 after the battle against Roberta, in which Madoka lost two of her limbs. It is a heavily time-limited quest to restore her to her full supply of limbs, and lists reputation bonuses with Madoka and experience towards either HEAL or REGENERATION.

This quest was completed on 21 March by 8:43 PM. The reward has not yet been selected.


Goal: Madoka's lost a hand fighting a Witch! Return her to two-handedness before she has to go home.
Deadline: 21 March 2011, 11:00pm
Reward: +Relationship (Madoka), +Relationship (Mami), +exp for skill [HEAL] (starts with 10 EXP) or [REGENERATE] (starts with 4 EXP)

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