RITUAL (MAGICAL MENDING) is a Ritual used to repair magic/holy items, including damaged SOUL GEMs. AKEMI HOMURA learned this ritual from a summoned skillbook in Loops 2 and 3, and has used it to repair both KIMURA AKIRA and MIKI SAYAKA's Soul Gems.

Repairing a Soul Gem should be done when the gem is fully cleansed of Corruption, as Corruption interferes with the ritual. This ritual can repair a Soul Gem even from the brink of destruction, though presumably it cannot bring back a gem that has been wholly destroyed.




Active: A complicated rite, this ritual is used to repair holy or magical items that have fallen into damage. The name of the item to be mended is to be written on the straw doll, which is placed in a paper lantern; this is the symbol of the item. Blessings are to be written onto the paper lanterns, and the paper lanterns shall be connected to each other as well as to the item to be mended. The ribbons shall be drawn on with lines, for the healing of the item. Sprinkle salt on the item to be mended as you read the blessings, and at the end of the ritual light the lanterns and sever the ribbons. As the lanterns float away and are consumed by the fires within, so does the damage. A warning, however; lingering corruption may work against this ritual, and render it ineffective.