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HP: 150/150

Current action: Self-encouraging

Status Condition/s: [CAFFEINATED]


SAOTOME KAZUKO is a teacher at MITAKIHARA MIDDLE SCHOOL, where she teaches English and Geography. She coaches the English debate club, and has recently taken up jogging to maintain her figure.





SAOTOME KAZUKO has resided in MITAKIHARA TOWN since 2006, but only began teaching at MITAKIHARA MIDDLE SCHOOL in 2010. She is the English and Geography teacher, and the coach for the English debate club. However, the club only has two members. Her youthful enthusiasm shows in many aspects of her life, but she has developed a reputation with her students for going off on strange tangents. Her latest performance review noted that she can have trouble separating her professional and private lives, but that this also means that she is very dedicated to her work.

Between 2006 - 2010, she taught English and Geography at MITAKIHARA PRIMARY SCHOOL. She left in 2010 to advance her career at MITAKIHARA MIDDLE SCHOOL. On her last day there, over seventy percent of her students cried while singing a farewell song. As a result, she cannot listen to The Glow of Fireflies without crying. Nevertheless, she always picks that song at karaoke.

Between 1999 - 2005, she was enrolled in IKEBUKURO INSTITUTE OF HIGHER LEARNING, where she first took a double degree in English and Geography, and then added a degree in Education. During this time, her bad luck in love began.


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